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SAT Prep Tips for High School Students

If your child is getting ready to take the SAT soon, preparation is a must! No matter what your child's ideal score is, studying and getting to know the exam will help them get there. Check out these quick tips to help your child be better prepared for their test day.

Get to Know the Exam

Before your child starts studying for the exam, it helps to do a bit of research on what is included in the SAT and what it is testing. There are three main things the SAT will test your child on: reading, writing, and math. The reading and writing sections of the test will have your child read passages and then answer multiple choice questions based on those passages. There is also an optional essay portion that not all students are required to complete. This will depend on the universities your child plans to apply to, so be sure you understand their requirements. Finally, the math portions include algebra, some geometry, and some trigonometry. There is one portion that allows your child to use a calculator and another without a calculator.

Study for the SAT

Once your child has registered for the exam and they know their test day, they can plan their studying more effective. However, before they create a study schedule, have them take a practice test to see where they stand currently. This will help them identify their areas of need as well as the areas they have mastered. With this information, they'll be able to create a more effective study plan.

Test Taking Strategies

Studying is a great way to prepare for the SAT, but don't forget that learning test-taking strategies is also a must. To start, since the SAT doesn't have penalties for incorrect answers, your child should answer every single question on the exam. Even if they don't know the answer to a question, bubbling in an answer may result in a correct response. Encourage your child to read everything carefully, from the directions to the test questions. Remind them that they can mark up their test booklet as much as they need. Underlining important or keywords in questions, crossing out obviously wrong answer choices, or anything else that will help them stay focused is valid.

SAT Tutoring in Tampa Bay, FL

If your child wants some extra help preparing for their SAT test day, tutoring in Tampa is a great option. The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL offers effective SAT tutoring programs as well as tons of other academic programs that can help your child reach their academic goals. To learn more about these, give them a call at (813) 991-9888.


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