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Prepare for College Applications This Summer

If your child is in high school, college may be starting to become more of a reality for them. To help them get into their dream school, start preparing early. In fact, why not use the summer months to make college preparations?

Study for Entrance Exams

Most students are too busy during the school year to dedicate enough time to studying for the SAT or ACT. Because of this, they may not reach the score they hoped for. Since they are probably less busy during the summer, encourage your child to use these months to study and be better prepared for their test dates. They can do some studying at home or even enroll in a summer tutoring program focused on helping them reach their desired score.

Explore Different Majors

If your child has an idea of what industry they want to work in or what they want to major in, explore these options further. Look at the different majors each university offers, what their internship opportunities look like, and where their alumni work upon graduating. This will help your child narrow down their college choices so that they have a better idea of where to apply and what the requirements are for applying.

Create a Plan

If your child will be completing college applications this year, it's important that they have a plan that will help them get through the process with minimal stress. Help them develop a calendar where they can keep track of test dates, deadlines, and other important college related dates. Be sure they understand application requirement for each university so that they don't miss any important deadlines in the process.

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