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Tips for a Great Class Presentation

Class presentations aren't exactly a popular assignment with students. Since they require public speaking, most students actually dread them. To help your child prepare a great presentation and get used to the idea of public speaking, teach them these tips.

A Visual Aid

Most presentations require that students also prepare a visual aid to strengthen their work. If your child is preparing slides that will be projected behind them as they present, help them get these right. Many students will be tempted to fill their slides with text and read this to the class, but this exactly what they shouldn't do. Remind your child to keep the text to a minimum and to keep it readable. This means using a large font that is readable from the back of the classroom as well as contrasting colors that are easy on the eyes. Their slides should also present their information in a more visual manner, so graphs, charts, and images are all encouraged.

Present, Don't Read

Since your child now knows not to read their slides to the class, they will need to focus some of their efforts on learning the information completely. A large part of presenting requires that your child makes eye contact with their audience and speaks to them rather than reading to them. By learning their topic and the information, this will be easier and it will ensure their presentation is more engaging.

Practice Presenting

An easy way to ensure your child's presentation will go well is by having them practice presenting in front of an audience. Gather your family and have them be a practice audience. Having your child run through their presentation a few times will help them get more comfortable with the information as well as with the idea of having an audience. Afterward, have your family members give some constructive criticism that can help your child improve their work further.

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