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How to Prepare for Exams

As we move through spring, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. This means final exams, AP testing, and state standardized tests. To help you prepare to take on your exams confidently, The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has some useful tips.

Set a Study Schedule

As soon as you know the dates of your exams, write them down in a calendar or planner. This will help you visualize how much time you have to study for each exam. Once you've written down the dates, create a study plan that will help you avoid cramming the day before your test.  If you decide to study an hour a day in the weeks leading up to the exam, set a study schedule you can follow. Consider setting aside an hour at the same time each day in order to create a routine and ensure you avoid procrastinating.

Prepare Your Study Material

Now that you have your study schedule figured out, start preparing your study material. Ask your teacher for an outline that highlights the points that will be on the exam. If one isn't available, make one for yourself. An outline is a great tool because it will help ensure you cover each point. Next, pull out your class notes and reread them as you highlight or mark important information. Old exams, quizzes, and homework assignments can also be used as study material. Gather all relevant work and keep it handy in your study space.

Try Different Study Methods

There are a variety of study methods you use to learn the information that will be on the test. A great way to remember information is by rewriting your notes and highlighting important information. For important dates, historical figures, or vocabulary words, flashcards are a very effective method. If you prefer to listen to information, you can record an audio version of your notes and listen to it.

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