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Increase Your Child's Ability to Focus

If you've noticed that your child has a hard time staying focused on homework or while completing other activities, these tips can help increase their attention span.

Incorporate Physical Activity

Some students struggle to focus on tasks and school assignments because they have so much energy. Sitting still for long periods of time may prove too hard, especially for younger children. To help them focus on tasks, break down their learning into segments and incorporate physical activity between each. Physical activity can include anything from stretching to playing a short game outdoors.

Break Down Assignments

Large assignments can be intimidating for students and can even cause their mind to wander. Your child may be so worried about how they're going to finish such a large task that they will end up getting distracted. Help them stay focused by breaking down the task into smaller assignments that are more manageable. Your child can even measure their progress this way and stay more focused.

Play Memory Games

If your child has a hard time staying focused in most scenarios, playing memory games can help. These games can be tons of fun, but they also require that your child stays focused for periods of time. Anything from matching cards to Simon Says can help them practice their concentration skills.

Tutoring in Tampa Bay

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