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 Children that can speak languages other than their own have many advantages over their monolingual peers. We at The Tutoring Center in Tampa, Florida would like to show you some of the many benefits of learning a new language.


Children's brains are like little sponges. They soak up knowledge so much faster than we as adults do. This is why children learn languages so easily. Learning a second language promotes neuroplasticity which is the ability of the brain to create new neural pathways. Many studies have shown that multilingual people score higher on standardized tests.

Multi Tasking

According to scientific research, learning a second language helps your child in the skill of multi tasking. This is due to the brain being able to switch fluently from one language to another.

Memory Improvement

Studies show that multi lingual children have better memory recall. Possibly due to the fact that learning another language requires remembering a lot of extra information, such as the grammatical and syntactic rules, multi words for one meaning. They have the ability to recall information like shopping lists, names and dates.

Native Language Enhancement

Learning a foreign language also improves your child's native language by understanding the underlying mechanics of all languages and how they function. This will positively impact your child's communication skills from essay writing to public speaking.

Career Opportunities

When your child becomes an adult, the ability to speak multiple languages will no doubt work in his favor when it comes to finding a rewarding career. Today the worlds economy is truly global, companies are looking for multilingual employees, and this trend  will only continue.

Tutoring in Tampa

Language experts agree that the earlier a child begins to learn a second language, the greater the benefits. Tutoring can help your child study another language with an ideal learning environment and one-to-one attention. Call The Tutoring Center today for your free consultation at (813)-991-9888.


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