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Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

Asking questions is an essential skill all students must learn. Although most students don't struggle to come up with great questions, they do struggle to ask them. To encourage your child to ask more questions, use these tips.

Welcome Questions at Home

When your child is still quite young, they may start to ask a lot of questions about why things work the way they do. This is a great sign and is something you should continue to encourage. Celebrate their curiosity and willingness to learn about the world around them. Avoid getting annoyed when their questions seem endless or when you don't have the answers. The point is for them to learn to question things and expand their understanding.

Highlight the Rewards of Asking Questions

Asking questions is a very rewarding habit. Not only will this help clear up lessons your child doesn't understand, it can also help them connect to those around them. If your child is scared to raise their voice and ask a question, let them know that they will never get what they're looking for unless they ask.

Let Your Child Know They're Not Alone

Asking questions in a classroom setting can be terrifying for students. Generally speaking, asking questions and admitting you don't understand something is seen as uncool. Unfortunately, this means tons of students who don't understand a lesson won't raise their voice. Teach your child to overcome this fear and let them know they're probably not the only one with questions.

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