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To Some, this Concept is Foreign to Children However...

It's still important to nurture this ability from a young age, even if some children find it difficult to manage strong emotions such as frustration or anger. Ergo the importance of parents helping them understand their feelings in order to handle them correctly. Emotional intelligence can be interpreted as the capacity to control and adjust one’s own emotions while recognizing those of others. Applying this ability brings benefits such as:

People Get a More Honest Perception of Them

When children develop aspects of emotional intelligence, such as empathy and solidarity, they make a positive impact on others. If they learn to identify and understand their emotions, their self-esteem will increase because negative situations and dark feelings won’t tear them down.

Revamps Their Academic Performance,  Solidarity, and Self-Esteem

Children who are emotionally intelligent are more productive in school, have better health, and pay more attention in class. Also, they learn the value of solidarity through understanding and caring for other people, which makes them great team players.

A Greater Sense of Empathy and Understanding

Empathetic people are capable of generating strong and lasting relationships with others and emotional intelligence prepares the foundation for better skills to socialize while making people aware of their concerns towards others.

In Recent Years, Emotional Intelligence Has Been One of the Most Relevant Topics in Psychology

Therefore, teaching skills that allow smooth social integration has become a priority. Take this time at home to work on this with your children and prepare them for the real world. Every person feels emotions such as anger, frustration, joy, love, the key is to know how to manage them correctly.

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