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Test Taking Strategies to Help Your Child Ace Their Next Exam

Help your child prepare for an important exam by helping them develop useful test taking strategies with these tips.

Have a Positive Attitude

It's important to always maintain a positive attitude before and during an exam. Not only will this help keep your child's mind clear, but it will also help them stay calm during the exam. A calm and positive attitude will help them perform their best while helping them avoid added stress and anxiety.

Review the Exam

As soon as the exam is handed out, it is important to review the instructions and the different sections. Encourage your child to ask questions if they don't understand the directions or what is being asked of them. Before answering a question, it is important that your child reads the question completely and understands what it is asking. If the question is a multiple choice question, your child should understand all the options before choosing the best answer.

Manage Your Time

Knowing how much time you have to complete the exam will allow you to manage your time wisely. To reduce the amount of time wasted, your child should answer the questions they know first and skip over those that require more time. Once they have answered the easier questions, they should go back and work on the harder questions. If there is time, your child should go back and review their work and answers. This is especially important when working with a test booklet and a separate answer sheet.

Review Your Grade

After the test has been graded and returned, ensure that your child reviews the questions they got wrong. This will help them understand where their mistake was and why they answered incorrectly. This will be a great help on future exams since they will know what areas they need to review more thoroughly.

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