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The beginning of the school year brings us a new chance to get on track! New opportunities to thrive, new classes, and yes, new challenges are ahead. Though examinations are not the only part of the educational experience, they are certainly a large reflection on our end grade point average. It is with this in mind that The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay would like to share some simple strategies to help you achieve ultimate success this year. 

Improve Your Study Skills 

Do the homework
Often what is found in the homework assignments will be reflected in the exam. Even if your teacher has a habit of not collecting your work, the homework benefits you. 

Create a study plan
Keep a regular schedule for homework, schedule in when tests are going to take place and a plan to study. Remember that studying the night before is ok, but make sure this isn’t the only time you study. Do so throughout the week, as to have an easier load the night before, and in order to get rested for the exam. 

Take good notes
As a general rule, if your teacher takes the time to write it down, you should write it down as well. While your teacher lectures, take notes, ask questions for clarification, and compare your notes with a classmate to ensure you got similar ideas, and captured the major concepts. 

*Once you have done all of this preparation and the test is in your hands there are three other simple steps to take. 

Come Up with a Test Taking Strategy

Read directions
The teacher will likely read through the directions with you, even so you should take the time to read through them again on your own. Make sure that you understand exactly what is being asked of you and if not, ask. 

Strategically answer questions
Answer the questions you are sure about first. This gives you more time focus on those questions that are more difficult and may take up more of your time. 

Take a few minutes to review the test, be sure that you gave as much detail as possible on short answer or essay questions, review your choices on multiple choice, and recheck your math. Often mistakes made on exams are ones that could have been corrected with a quick review. 

Remember that even after implementing these techniques you may find that you are having trouble with certain academic areas. The Tutoring Center is here for you. With our professional and dedicated tutors we are ready to help you get on the track to academic excellence. Contact us at (813)-991-9888 for tutoring in Tampa Bay.


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