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Activities to Encourage Your Child to Write This Summer

If you're worried that your child will lose some of their writing abilities this summer due to the summer slide, keep in mind that the best way to combat this is by encouraging writing practice. If you're not sure how to get your child writing, The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL has these simple suggestions.

Become a Film Critic

If your child is fond of watching movies, turn this hobby into a fun writing activity. Allow your child to pick a movie they want to see and have them write a review after watching it. As a film critic, they will have the liberty to critique the plot, the characters, and the development of the story. Encourage them to voice their opinion and make suggestions as to how the movie could have been better. You can also have you child practice writing character descriptions, summaries, and alternate endings.

Keep a Travel Journal

If your family is planning to be on the road or vacation this summer, encourage your child to keep a travel journal. Allow your child to write about whatever they want as long as they are actually taking the time to write. Suggest topics they can concentrate on related to your trip or allow them to write personal reflections about their experiences. This journal can be a great way to store memories to look back on in the future.

Write to a Friend

If your child will be on vacation or if one of their friends will be away for the summer, use this to encourage your child to practice writing letters. If your child thinks letters are outdated, have them use technology to reach their friend. Try to avoid text messaging and instead encourage email writing. Longer forms of writing will be more beneficial to your child's writing skills.

Summer Tutoring in Tampa Bay

The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL can help your child stay on top of their writing abilities this summer. Choose the academic program that suits your child's needs best. For more information about the programs, call today at (813)991-9888. Don't forget to schedule your free consultation.


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