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A new school year is about to start and your children need to be prepared for it. There are many things you can do to help them. Apart from school supplies, new shoes and establishing a routine, you can also provide them a solid start at home by creating a study space. 

This small detail is often neglected and it will help your children to focus on their homework. If you don’t have a place yet, don’t worry! The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has a few useful ideas. 

Learning Style

Have you noticed how some children need absolute silence to study while others require some background noise? That’s because their learning style is different and you have to find out what works better for them - it all depends on their personality and preferences. 

Create a Space

Now that you identified a great study spot, find a sturdy table and a comfortable chair and  provide your children with all the school supplies they need. Also, make your children responsible for keeping their space clean and organized. Remember to provide them folders, labels and binders. 


Time is a valuable resource, unfortunately it’s very easy to waste it. Remove any potential distraction like T.V, cell phone or tablet. Make an agreement with your children that they are only allowed to use them during breaks; that way, you will have a distraction-free zone. 


Now that you have a study space, create a schedule for each day of the week to keep your children’s attention. Remember to consider time for breaks. 

Creating an effective study space at home will be reflected on the academic achievement of your children - don’t forget this guide to avoid distractions while studying. 

If you are looking to provide your children with the academic abilities and strategies to boost their confidence in the classroom, think about The Tutoring Center. Our programs will give them the instruction they need in writing, reading or math. For this and many other reasons, consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Tampa Bay.   

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