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Summer Goals for Students

Although many students look forward to summer break all year, they end up bored and restless almost as soon as break starts. While they may enjoy sleeping in and playing video games, a full day of lounging can be quite a letdown. To prevent this, keep your child's brain stimulated this summer with these tips.

Make Reading a Daily Habit

Students of all ages and even parents can benefit from developing a daily reading habit. For students, reading daily can mean avoiding the summer slide and can even help them jump up in their reading level. Have your child set a goal of how many books they want to read this summer and keep track of it so that they can measure their progress along the way. It's also not a bad idea to set your own reading goals and set the right example for your child.

Catch up on Missed Lessons

If your child fell behind in class this past school year, encourage them to use the summer to catch up. They can read up on old lessons or even go to tutoring classes during summer break. This will ensure they are able to hold on to their past lessons while building on them. Once the new school year starts up, they will be more than ready to dive into new lessons.

Prepare for College Entrance Exams

Older students can use the summer to prepare for college entrance requirements, like college entrance exams. Encourage your student to make it their goal to be ready for the SAT or ACT once summer comes to a close. This will help them get one important task out of the way before the new school year starts and they're once again buried under a pile of homework.

Summer Tutoring in Tampa Bay, FL

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