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Getting your child to be more interested in academic pursuits may seem like a difficult task. Surely getting your child to find joy or excitement in a subject he or she doesn’t enjoy, is not easy. However, there may be a way that you can help introduce your child to something new and spur a more healthy interest in other academic subject areas as well, by encouraging your child to learn a second language. The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay would like to inform you today of three of the ways learning a new language will help your child in his or her academic goals. 

Better Understanding of Grammar and Vocabulary in First Language

You can expect that as your child begins to become more familiar with the grammatical structure in the new language, he or she will begin to understand the way that English is structured, more readily. This is not necessarily done on purpose, but the fact is that your child will begin to understand why sentence structure matters, when learning how to speak a new language. Likewise, the more intense your child studies and the more advanced his or her vocabulary becomes in the new language, the more familiar your child will become with the translation of those new vocabulary words, in his or her first language. 

Higher Standardized Test Scores

Given the previous explanation as to why your child will begin to improve in his or her first language while in the midst of new language acquisition, it’s an easy continuation to note that your child will likely score higher on standardized test than his or her monolingual peers. The more languages your child knows the more able he or she will be to dissect difficult vocabulary and understand the meaning. Therefore, specifically on grammar and vocabulary sections of standardized tests, you’ll see an increased score. 

More Opportunities for the Future

Lastly, as your teen begins to look for studying and career opportunities, he or she will find that there are more available to bilingual people. Your child will now have the option to study abroad and already be familiar with the host language. When it comes to his or her career, many companies would show preferential treatment to those who are bilingual, within and outside of the United States. 

You can also help your child to improve academically with these simple study habit improvement tips. Or, if you think your child needs a bit more help than that, you should consider hiring a member of The Tutoring Center’s professional tutoring staff for one on one tutoring that will help your child to succeed. For tutoring in Tampa Bay, remember us at The Tutoring Center. Contact us today to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment, (813)-991-9888.


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