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Many people see students that get extra one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in a negative light. In reality, there are many different reasons to get a tutor other than not understanding your schoolwork. For younger students, one-to-one instruction will help them form good habits and time management skills. As students get older, tutors can help focus on areas of difficulty and when a student is ready to start thinking about college, the additional support will help with entrance exams and application letters. The Tutoring Center in Tampa would like to take a few moments to remind you how all students can benefit from one-to-one instruction.

Young Learners

Early education is a mixture of introducing students to the academic world, while teaching them the study habits and skills necessary to succeed for the rest of their lives. While their traditional schooling will likely be teaching basic reading, writing, math and science, just a little bit of help from a tutoring center could help teach them the importance of scheduling. For example, homework is not extremely valuable to a young learner’s grades in school, however, starting them on a regular routine of going from school to homework will help them immensely when their homework matters more. By creating a routine from their earliest years, homework will feel less forced and more natural.

Middle-Aged Learners

Students between grades 3 and 10 probably benefit the most from having a tutor. During these years, the academic load increases quite a lot with every grade. Over the period of one school year, students are required to learn and remember a lot of information. In many cases, a private tutor is needed to help clarify something a student doesn’t understand from class. Other times, they are useful to help balance everything and identify areas that need extra help. Or maybe a tutor is only needed at certain times like during exams, or writing research papers. Whatever the case, tutoring centers have experts in all subjects, waiting to help.


Once a student is considering colleges, a tutoring center can be a great asset during the application process. Most universities ask for an application letter or essay. These can be hard because applicants need to meet all of the requirements and use proper rhetoric. Also, a tutor can help with ACT or SAT prep to give the best chance at being accepted into preferred colleges. However, since a lot of the application is based on students’ GPA, help from a private tutor at the very beginning of high school can help ensure that GPA isn’t an issue on their application.

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