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Help Your Child Get Organized

If your child has a hard time keeping up with assignments because they lack a few organizational skills, this post has some suggestions that can help.

Set Realistic Goals

Help your child set long term and short term goals each school year and even every quarter or semester. These goals can be related to their academics or even their personal life. By setting goals, your child will have something to focus on and work toward. Your child will need to develop some kind of plan to reach their goals, helping them stay organized and moving forward.

Create Routines

Setting daily routines for your child will help them get in the habit of doing things right. A bedtime routine will ensure that your child gets enough rest each night while a morning routine will help your child get out the door on time and prepared every morning. Another routine that is very important is their homework or study routine. Your child should set aside time each day to complete homework and study. They should do this at the same time every day so that it becomes a habit.

Make Daily To-Do Lists

Encourage your child to write down a list of the tasks they must complete each day after school. Making a to-do list will help them stay on task while also helping them visualize exactly how much they have to get done in the time they have reserved for it. This will help them avoid forgetting to complete an assignment and will help them stay organized daily.

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