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In thinking of ways to continue helping your child through academia, you likely consider being available to assist him or her with homework whenever needed, providing a space for him or her to study, and perhaps you’ve even considered hiring a tutor for those areas of difficulty. However, you might also wish to consider that a great way to help your child improve in academics and stand out amongst his or her peers is through allowing your child to learn to play a musical instrument. Today at The Tutoring Center in Tampa we aim to give you three reasons why it is so beneficial to get your child involved in playing a musical instrument at a young age. 

When your child begins the process of learning a musical instrument, you’ll find that he or she will very quickly begin to improve in listening skills. This is in large part due to the fact that in order to play a musical instrument well, or to operate a musical instrument properly, your child will need to listen and listen well. When an instrument needs to be tuned, when a musician needs to be able to hear whether or not he or she is on key, and especially for those musicians who prefer to play music by ear, listening is exceedingly necessary. That being said, you can expect the listening skills of your child to improve drastically. 

Likewise, your child is likely to begin to understand the importance of time management and organization by learning to play an instrument. This makes sense if you think about how a musician grows to appreciate not just the quantity of time practicing, but more importantly the quality of the practice. This idea that doing things well, in an prepared manner, should then begin to transfer into other areas of your child’s life. 

Lastly, you will begin to see that your child is improving in his or her academic skills. Remember that music is interpretive, which can help your child in understanding and comprehending literature more fully. Music is also math, sometimes including complex formulas in its rhythm. You can expect then, that your child will improve in this area as well. 

As your child is improving in his or her musical abilities, do not fret if you find there is still need for a tutor in a certain subject area. You may be able to help your child at home to deal with stressors such as test anxiety, however if you feel your child could benefit from professional tutoring assistance, remember The Tutoring Center. For tutoring in Tampa, give us a call at (813) 991-9888.


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