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Reading is of course a vital academic skill, but it can also be a source of tremendous enjoyment for your child, exciting their imagination and creativity and providing hours of entertainment. Ensure your child is reaping the rewards of reading by following this advice, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay.

Set a Good Example

Nothing teaches children like leading by example. If your child regularly sees you enjoying a good book, they’re likely to follow suit. You can set an even better example by actively engaging with your child’s reading; try reading with them, discussing what they are currently reading, or asking about their favourite characters.

Reward Your Child

Positive reinforcement is much more powerful than punishment. If your child is putting in a lot of effort, make sure you reward them so that they feel appreciated. This need not mean extravagant gifts; praise is often enough. Make sure to keep abreast of how your child’s reading is at school, and to reward them for their efforts there too.

Make Books Exciting

Give your child books as gifts so that they form positive associations with reading. Make sure your child does not see books as dull and dusty by designating a special reading space in your home, perhaps decorated with some characters and locations from their favourite books.

Engage with Reading Creatively

There are countless methods to make reading more fun for your child and to make sure their creative energies are flowing; try asking your child to sketch or paint characters from their book, or to write their own stories. These activities will help your child form positive notions about reading as an activity and ensure they stay engaged and happy.

For further ways to bolster your child’s creativity and make sure they enjoy their studies, have a look at our guide to creativity and your child.

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