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When it comes to test taking, you may find that your child has trouble in this area. If that is the case, there are quite a few ways you can help him or her to ensure that studying is being done sufficiently and correctly, prior to a big exam. The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay would like to help you accomplish this today, by providing you with a few tips to help you increase the study habits of your child. 

Using Study Skills: 

Encourage your child to take excellent notes in class. This is a great way to be sure that your child will do well on the test. When the teacher is lecturing, your child will do well to write down all of the key points, checking with a friend to ensure they’ve written down similar ideas, and asking the teacher for clarification as necessary. For more on keeping an organized notebook, check here. 

Another great way to ensure your child will be ready for test day is to be sure that your child does the homework each day. Even if the teacher has the habit of assigning work and not checking it, encourage your child to do it anyway. The benefit for your child is that he or she will get even more practice before the exam. 

Create a study schedule with your child. You should know well in advance that a test is coming up. At least a week before the test, make sure you make time on your child’s study/homework calendar for an extra hour of study each night. Your child will then enter the test well prepared. 

Test Day Reminders: 

Be sure to instruct your child regarding these simple test taking strategies so that he or she can do the absolute best.

Read the directions thoroughly. Though the teacher will often go over the directions with the class, it is important to individually read the directions again and ask for any clarification needed. 

Answer the questions using strategy. If there is a question your child does not originally know the answer to, remind him or her to skip it and move on to a question he or she is more positive about. The point here would be to ensure that time is given at the end to answer the more difficult questions and so that your child’s confidence is built up at the beginning of the exam by the answers he or she does know. 

Lastly, once the exam is done it can be rather tempting to turn it in immediately to get some time out of class, reading, or even taking a short nap. However, remind your child of the importance of reviewing the questions and answers. Many mistakes made on exams are made by mistake. A simple review of the exam would lead to your child recognizing them and being able to correct those mistakes quickly. 

Once you and your child have begun to work on study habits, you’ll likely see an improvement soon. However, if you feel that your child could still benefit from tutoring, remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional staff ready to help. For tutoring in Tampa Bay be sure to contact us at (813)-991-9888.


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