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Learn a Foreign Language Using Technology

If your child is struggling with their foreign language classes, help them improve their skills through the use of technology. The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has some tips that can help your child improve their foreign language abilities.

Encourage Educational Online Activities

Most parents may consider online activities distractions from real work, but they can actually be a great way to encourage learning. Encourage your child to look for educational websites where they can practice their skills through games and other fun activities. Allow them to listen to music and watch videos in the language they're learning. These activities will help them develop listening skills as well as improve their pronunciation.

Leave the Subtitles On

Another great way to help your child develop not only their listening and pronunciation skills, but also their reading abilities is by watching foreign films. Look for movies in the language your child is learning and watch them together. Having your child watch foreign movies without subtitles may be too hard, but turning them on in their dominant language won't help too much. Instead, turn on the subtitles but in the language they're learning.

Change Your Device's Language Settings

How often do you look at your phone or tablet? Chances are you do it more often than you're willing to admit. By changing the language setting on your devices, you'll force yourself into practicing all day long. You might already know how to work your phone without reading the screen, but this practice will help expose you to new words constantly.

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