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Tips to Help Students Take Better Notes

Class notes are a great study tool that can help students prepare for exams. Unfortunately, many students don't know how to take effective notes. To help your child take useful notes they can use during their study sessions, check out these tips.

Don't Write Down Every Word

Many students make the mistake of trying to write down every word their teacher says. Doing this won't be helpful and will likely cause your child's notes to be incomplete in many areas. Instead, your child should pay attention to the lesson and only write down important information, such as important dates, the names of important figures, or formulas they will need to solve equations. If they focus on these details, they'll have an easier time paying attention to the lesson while also writing more effective notes.

Type up Your Notes

Handwritten notes can get a bit messy, especially if your child goes back to fill in missing information. To keep them tidy and easier to read, have your child re-write their notes. Typing them up will give them a cleaner look that is easier to review. Doing this will force your child to review their notes as they focus on getting them nice and tidy.

Share Your Notes

Comparing notes with other students will help your child have more complete notes. They may miss some information or they may not understand a part of the lesson they've written down. While comparing notes with classmates, they can fill in these blanks and have more effective notes when it comes time to study.

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