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Tips to Help Your Child Cut Down on Their Screen Time

With the number of screens students are surrounded by, it's no wonder they spend countless hours absorbed by them. While this may seem like the norm, it can actually have negative consequences. To help your child put down the screen and use their time more productively, check out these tips.

Why Reducing Screen Time Matters

The more time your child spends in front of the screen, the more likely they are to run into issues related to their health and wellbeing. While this may not come as a shock to you, it can be hard for parents to pry certain screens out of their child's hands. If your child is losing out on physical activity, social skills, and other vital developmental aspects, it's time to work on reducing their screen time.

Create Screen Time Rules

If you allow your child complete freedom when it comes to their screens, chances are they'll spend as much time as possible in front of their screens. To combat this, it's a great idea to set clear rules regarding when and where your child can use their screens. For example, your child's homework time should involve no screens unless they need them to complete an assignment. This means no television on in the background and no answering texts while they work.

Focus on One Task

Part of the issue with screens is that they often involve multitasking. While multitasking isn't always bad, it does mean your child isn't fully concentrated on the task in front of them. Instead of having YouTube on in the background while they read or answering texts while they study, take the screens away for a bit while they focus on their primary task.

Set the Right Example

Students aren't the only ones who get absorbed by their screens. Parents can also have a hard time setting down their smartphone or tablet during the day. Instead of checking your work emails during dinner, leave your phone in another room so that your child sees that you're also committed to cutting down your screen time.

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