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Make History Fun

History can be a tough subject for many students. It's easy to get lost between all the dates, the names of historical figures, and the constantly changing country names and boundaries. If your child is struggling with their history lessons, use these tips to make them more fun and engaging.

Ask Your Child to Be the Teacher

If your child is having a hard time memorizing dates and names, ask them to teach you what they're trying to learn. By having them be the teacher, they can put their own knowledge to the test. Oftentimes, students will find that they know much more than what they thought. This is also a good way to identify their struggle areas, making it easier for them to know where to focus their study efforts.

Act It Out

The great thing about history lessons is that they can often be acted out like a play. Help your child learn their lessons by acting out certain parts of them together. You can go all out and even dress up as the different historical figures in their lessons.

Take a Field Trip

Trips to the museum are always fun and can also be very educational. Look for a museum that has exhibits featuring artifacts that complement your child's lessons. If possible, ask for a guided tour in order to get the most out of your museum visit. Oftentimes, being able to see these things firsthand is enough to get students more excited about their lessons.

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