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Tips to Help You Study More Efficiently

As we get closer to exams, stress levels may start to rise. In order to avoid getting overwhelmed by your exams and final projects set aside some time to properly study and prepare. The Tutoring Center in Tampa has some simple study tips that can help you ace your exams.

Create a Study Space

Before you jump into revising and working on projects, create the perfect work atmosphere. Choose a quiet space that is free of distractions. You are more likely to stay on task if you avoid loud areas and electronic devices the will interrupt your concentration. Gather all the necessary materials, so you won't have to get up and look for them while you work. Try to find a comfortable space, but don't get too comfortable or you risk losing focus on your work.

Take Better Notes

Your own class notes are a great study tool when it comes to exams. Develop a note taking system that works for you and that will make studying easier. You can try underlining important parts, color coding information and highlighting. Turn your notes into a outline or write down important dates and terms on flashcards.

Set Study Goals

As soon as you know the dates of your exams, start to develop a study plan. Don't leave your studying to right before the exam. You will learn your material better if you study with time. Set aside some time each day and during the weekend to revise and go over material so studying won't be so heavy the days before your exam.

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