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Tips to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

Although your child may be looking forward to playing video games or watching television all summer break, it's important that they also participate in some educational activities. The long summer days are perfect for getting lost in a great book or discovering new genres. If you think this may be a challenge with your child, The Tutoring Center in Tampa has some tips to get your child excited about reading this summer.

Introduce New Reading Material

Most children associate reading with their textbooks or other books they don't have much interest in. To change this negative view on reading, introduce your child to different types of reading material. Head to your local library and allow your child to browse the selection of books, magazines, newspapers, and graphic novels available. Encourage them to pick up items that look interesting and take them home. Once you're at home, encourage your child to read by setting the right example.

Start a Book Club

To get your child more excited about reading, start a family book club or encourage your child to start a book club with their friends. Choose a book for everyone to read at the same time, just make sure the reading level is appropriate for your child. Plan a day of the week when everyone can get together and discuss their opinions and ideas. By sharing personal opinions and listening to others' take on the same material without being graded, your child will be more comfortable and forthcoming.

Look for Summer Reading Programs

Take your child to your local library and ask about any summer reading programs they may be hosting. Most libraries will have some type of program set up to reward students for the number of books they read over a period of time. Go over the rules with your child and encourage them to work towards the incentives. Allow them to choose the books they want to read, as long as they fit the rules established by the program.

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