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Tips to Help You Create an Effective Study Space

Help your child get the most out of their study time by creating an effective study space at home. To get started, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL.

Choose the Right Space

Before you place a desk in any room in your home, be sure the space will allow your child to study comfortably and with minimal distractions. The room you choose for the study space should be well-lit, maintain a comfortable temperature, and make studying comfortable. Walls painted soothing colors, and a calming aroma can help make the space more effective. Pick a space with minimal foot traffic, but avoid choosing a room that is too far removed from everyone in your home.

Minimize the Presence of Distractions

Loud noises, heavy foot traffic, and even electronics are all common distractions that can cause your child to lose their concentration. Avoid having televisions, radios, video games, and other distracting electronics in the room your child uses to study. Do your best to keep the volume down in your home during the hours your child studies. Encouraging your child to keep their study area clean and organized will also help them stay concentrated as they work.

Provide the Necessary Supplies

If your child has to get up and look for school supplies as they study, they will most likely lose their train of thought and get distracted. To avoid having your child get up during their study time, keep their study area stocked with all the necessary supplies. Basic supplies they may need while doing homework or reviewing notes include pencils, pens, paper, an eraser, a ruler, a calculator, highlighters, scissors, and glue. Check on these supplies and restock them before they run out.

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