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Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Note Taking Skills

Your child's class notes are a great tool when it comes to revising for a class. To ensure they take the most effective notes, follow these tips.

Learn to Identify Important Information

One of the most important rules in note taking is only to write down the most important information. If your child tries to write down everything their teacher says, their notes will likely turn into a jumbled mess that is hard to read. Instead, instruct them to write down important keywords, dates, names, locations, and anything else that is significant.

Work on Your Penmanship

In order for class notes to be useful, they should be easy to read. If this isn't the case with your child, consider giving them extra handwriting practice or simply tell them to slow down as they write. Focusing on writing only the most important information will allow them to slow down and write a bit neater.

Include Visual Items

Notes don't have to be just words; visual items can be great learning tools as well. Encourage your child to include diagrams and images in their notes that will help illustrate useful examples. They can also leave some blank space to insert images from the internet later on.

Be an Active Listener

Listening actively means your child isn't just writing what they hear, they are actually absorbing the information and understanding it before writing it down. Get your child in the habit of asking questions when they don't understand something so that this translates into the classroom as well. This will help prevent your child from writing down something that doesn't make sense to them without asking for help first.

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