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How to Help Your Child Practice Their Math Skills During Summer Break

Math may seem like a difficult subject to put into practice, but it can actually be quite easy to incorporate into everyday summer activities. Use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL to help your child practice their math skills this summer.

Build a Tree House

To encourage your child to practice their math skills in a fun and rewarding way, build a tree house together. This activity will require your child to help you measure items, practice working with angles, and estimate amounts. Plan out the size of the house you're building and then ask your child to calculate the square footage of it as well as the volume. If a tree house seems like too big of a project, start small by building a doll house or a dog house.

Have Fun at a Sporting Event

Sporting events are a great way to get out of the house and have fun. They are also the perfect place to have your child practice basic math skills. Whether you're attending a baseball game or a local basketball game, ask your child to keep track of the score. You can also have your child practice time telling skills during the game. Quiz their abilities by asking how much time is left in each quarter or half, depending on the type of sporting event you attend. Your child can also practice basic fractions and percentages by keeping track of the amount of the game completed or the amount of time left.

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