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Encouraging creativity in children will help them achieve a greater adaptability to new situations, be more comfortable, and show a better attitude to new situations while feeling less frustrated with a possible change. Children develop many of the abilities that will shape their future in their first six years of life. Among these capacities is to create. Although all children are creative, there are ways to encourage this ability to remain and grow as they age.

Create an Inspiring Space

Place a mural or blackboard at home where they can paint freely or make available all the necessary materials so that they can play and let their imagination fly.

Respect the Time for Play

Don't burden them with extracurricular activities, they are children and they have to have free time to play and recreate. Give them their freedom in their games, children like to break the rules and play in their own way. Don't set limits or set rules, let them reinvent and change the game however they want.

Don't Laugh at Their Ideas

Although they may be funny and somewhat crazy, don't make fun of their ideas, dances, songs, stories! It's important that children perceive that what they have done or said has value and induces appreciation in the people they look up to.

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