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How to Mix Education and Fun

Creativity is undoubtedly a great trait to possess, because it gives the brain flexibility to think of different solutions to problems and even grants the ability to create new things. We are told that we should encourage this gift in children- but how to do it? The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has some ideas to get started in that road.

Play Word Games

Think of a particular letter and ask your child to write down words that begin with that letter, according to some set of categories; for example, pick the letter B, and tell your child to write first names, cities and foods that begin with B.

Play Drawing Games

Trace a simple line or a shape in a sheet and give it to your child, asking them to continue the drawing and then give it back to you. The end result doesn't matter, just that they keep imagining what they're going to draw next.

Give Them Space

Designate a special place at home, just for them, where they can go wild with their imagination. Children will want to play by themselves, too, so allow them their own unstructured time in there and they will even create whole worlds on their own.

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