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A Fun End to Summer Activities

Even though summer vacation is coming to a close, you still have time to organize some fun and educational activities for your child. Finish off the summer with some activities that will make this summer memorable for your child. The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has some suggestions to help you close out the summer in a fun way.

Backyard Camping

Set up a camping adventure for your whole family in the comfort of your backyard. Have your family pack their camping bags and set up a tent in your yard. Spend the day exploring the area and enjoying each others company. This is a great opportunity to teach your child some science lessons, such as the water cycle. As the stars start to shine, teach your child about constellations and identify them together. Make sure your whole family participates and has fun.

Take a Field Trip

Take your child on an educational field trip to a museum, exploratorium, aquarium or zoo. Check local places to see what kid friendly events they have planned that might interest your child. Most of these places have year round interactive installations or events that are fun for children. Invite the whole family for a day of learning fun.

Make a Scrapbook

Finish off the summer on a creative note by creating a summer scrapbook. Your child can use a nice journal to build the scrapbook. Go supply shopping and remember to print some photos of all the fun summer moments your child had. If you went on vacation, use souvenirs from your trip to decorate the scrapbook. Ask your child to write about some of the adventures they include in their scrapbook. This is a great opportunity to have your child practice spelling, grammar and storytelling abilities.

Tutoring in Tampa Bay

The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay can help your child reach academic success. Our one-to-one tutoring approach allows our trained tutors to focus on the areas your child needs extra help with. We have various academic programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation. Give us a call at (813) 991- 9888 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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