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Encourage Your Child to Read During School Breaks

As we get closer to winter break, your child may be looking forward to a couple of weeks away from school. While they do deserve some rest from their academic routine, it's important that they keep their mind sharp. To help them do so, encourage them to maintain a healthy reading habit this upcoming break.

Plan Ahead

Before winter break arrives, be sure you've prepared a plan for your child. Sit down with your child and set some goals for their break. These can be anything from reading a book each week to completing a certain amount of reading hours. Find ways to keep them motivated and provide the proper reading space and some reading material.

Encourage Leisure Reading

Many students aren't fond of reading because most of their reading tends to be very academic. Encourage your child to love reading by teaching them to read for fun. Allow them to pick out books that spark their interest and that are fun. You can also make time to read together so that you can spend more time together.

Books as Gifts

Giving your child a book as a gift is a great way to turn reading into something positive. If your child reads the first book in a series, surprise them with the next one. Small gifts like this will help them enjoy this activity more. You can also consider giving them an e-reader. Combining reading with technology can help interest your child in the activity even more.

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