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 If you’re taking your family on a road trip this summer, make sure you plan some fun activities to keep your children busy during the long drive. Avoid backseat brawls and general boredom by preparing activities that are not only fun, but also educational. The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has some fun games you can play as a family on your way to your summer destination.

Mapping states

It is very common to come across cars from different states while traveling on the road. Use this opportunity to teach your children about the different states that make up the United States of America. Before hitting the road, print out a map of the United States for each of your children. Every time you come across a license plate from a different state, have them look for the state on their map and color it in. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, count how many different state license plates you saw while on the road. You can use the same map on your travels back home or use a new one and compare how many you saw each time.

Story time

Allow your children's creativity and imagination to flow while on the road. Point out a car and have them create a story about where they think it’s headed. They can also create stories about the different people they see traveling. Have your children write the story in a journal so they can practice their spelling and grammar. Once they’re done writing, have your children share their stories during story time. Use snacks or music privileges as incentives to keep them motivated as you travel.

Did you know…

Learn about the different areas you will be driving through on the way to your destination. Print out information about interesting towns or landmarks you will pass on the road. Have your children read the information and share their favorite facts. Instead of printing out information, you can also use your smartphones to look up facts about the areas you are passing through. If you pass by an interesting sounding town, have everyone look up information and then share what you have found.

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