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Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Your student may be eagerly awaiting their summer break while imagining how much time they're going to spend playing video games. Instead of letting this be the only thing they do this break, use these tips to fight back against the summer slide and keep your child learning.

Have Fun With Reading

Since your child will have a lot of downtime during the summer, you can use this to instill a love of reading. Many libraries hold summer reading programs that encourage children to spend part of their summer reading in order to win some prizes. If your local library isn't hosting a reading program, organize one yourself at home. Encourage your child to read by rewarding them with prizes once they've completed a certain number of books. This can encourage them to not only read this summer but also to love reading in general.

Practice Writing

If your child isn't fond of writing, help turn this around during the summer months. Your child may not like writing because they've only been exposed to it in an academic sense. To help them explore other types of writing, give them a journal that they can fill up as they wish. Encourage them to write short stories, diary entries, poems, or anything else they like to write about. They can also practice their writing skills by handwriting letters to friends and family.

Make Math Fun

Math may not be your child's idea of fun, but you can definitely sneak it into some fun activities. For example, encourage your child to make some money this summer by starting a lemonade stand. Since they will have to count money and make change, they'll definitely put their math skills to use.

Summer Tutoring in Tampa Bay, FL

Summer break is a great time to enroll your child in tutoring in Tampa. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL and enroll your child in the one that makes sense for their needs. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (813) 991-9888. Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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