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Here at The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay we want the best for your child, academically speaking, as you already know. However, did you know that an excellent way to encourage your child academically, through increased brain function, is actually to foster their creativity? Though it may seem that some are more inclined to artistic measures than others, creativity is actually a learned skill, to some degree. Fostering creativity will lead to more well-rounded, active children, and it is with this in mind that we would like to share FOUR ideas to help increase creativity in your child. 

Diversifying the experiences of your child is an excellent way to get him or her started in thinking about creative activities. Taking him or her to museums, exposing your child to music, food, cultural celebrations, and art forms from around the globe is a great way to help foster their creativity. 

As adults we have the tendency to focus on what we will get out of project, the end result, and whether or not it is worth it. Children tend to just “go for it.” Encourage this in your children by focusing on the process and not the product. Even after they have finished, remain concentrated on the process. Ask what they enjoyed the most, how the paint felt on their hands, what their favorite part was. 

When your child is in the zone of creativity try to avoid external constraints as much as possible. This does not mean allowing your child to be disrespectful or unruly, but it does mean allowing your child to color a duck blue if he or she wants to, to explore with coloring inside and outside of the lines, and making his or her own rules with a project. 

You also have an opportunity to get a bit creative with the resources your child will be using. Sure, they should have the essentials such as a box of crayons, paint brushes, and poster boards. However it is up to you to get them involved with other mediums. Perhaps taping butcher paper to the wall so they can “draw on the wall” in a controlled way. Go outside and create a mural on the sidewalk or even the side of your brick home. Again, the idea here is not to allow your child to do whatever he or she wants, but to get them, and you, thinking outside of the box. 

You may find that your child is more interested in creative endeavours than in academic ones. Remember that academics should come first, but that creative projects can be a great reward. If you find that your child needs assistance in one area of school or another, remember that The Tutoring Center is ready with professional and dedicated tutors, to help your child reach ultimate academic success. Contact us today to schedule your child’s assessment and for tutoring in Tampa Bay. Give us a call at (813)-991-9888.


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