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Math is a tremendously important skill both academically and throughout everyday life. Follow this guide, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay, to foster a love of math in your child that will last a lifetime.

Start early

Teachers, children’s psychologists and other experts are convinced that for a child to develop good math skills, it’s important that they start early. Though the math children are doing in their early years is very simple, it lays the foundation they will build on in later years. Encourage children to think mathematically (this includes seeking out patterns, manipulating shapes, etc.—not just counting) from an early age to encourage development of a mathematical mindset.

Be positive

Children learn a lot from their parents’ attitudes, so make sure you’re approaching mathematical problems from a positive perspective and your child is likely to follow in your footsteps. If they hear negative remarks about how math is difficult or not useful, children are likely to dismiss the subject, so make sure to avoid such statements. 

The stealth approach

It’s easy to include math in your child’s life without them even noticing. Try asking them to count different objects on long drives (‘How many yellows cars can you spot between here and Grandma’s house?’) or requesting that they help you add up your grocery bill. There are countless ways you can sneak math in, and if your child is using math everyday then they are likely to improve quickly. This approach also helps your child realize, either overtly or subconsciously, how useful and important math is in ‘real life’.

Now that your child can’t get enough math, why not take a look at our tips on encouraging your child to read? If your child is in need of any academic assistance, whether with math, reading, grammar or otherwise, contact The Tutoring Center for expert help. We offer free diagnostic assessments to tailor our tutoring to each unique child, so call (813) 991-9888 to organize tutoring in Tampa Bay today.


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