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Games and learning aren’t mutually exclusive. There are a great number of games out there that can help your child’s brain develop and stay active.

If you’d like to know some so you can enjoy them with your child and reap their benefits, The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has gathered a few of them in this post. Keep in mind that all of these can be adapted to your child’s age and development.

Games to Help Your Child’s Development

Memory Games

Games that use your child’s memory can help develop greater information retention, improve their response to visual stimuli and can also increase your child’s focus.

Jigsaw Puzzle 

It turns out that piecing an image together utilizes more brain power than you thought! 
Jigsaw puzzles works on concentration, problem-solving skills, management, and more.

Crossword Puzzle

If you want your child to expand their general knowledge and vocabulary, while also exercising their strategic thinking and improving their attention span, then crosswords are the answer.


Sudoku is a great logic game that revolves around placing numbers according to a complex system within a 9x9 grid. It sounds daunting, but it’s a fun way for your child to use their problem solving skills and keep their brain active.


Chess isn’t just about moving pieces around. When played the right way, with care and focus, it helps your child’s creativity, memory, strategic thinking, management and attention.

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