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Staying focused is not an easy task. Do you remember the time when television was the main source of distraction? Nowadays, laptops, cell phones, tablets and many other gadgets absorb the attention of your children.

This will interfere with their learning process and it can translate into bad grades.

At The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay, we know of this situation all too well. That´s why we have a few tips to will help you deal with this situation.

Find a Great Study Spot

A table, chair and great lightning are fundamental to create an appropriate study environment.  It’s important to set a specific time and create a timetable. For example: 30 minutes of work for 10 minutes of leisure.


When your child is bored, even a paper clip can become a distraction. Remember that their attention span is limited, so after a while the material may become dull and the attention of your children may diverge. To avoid this, reward them with 5-15 minutes study breaks.

Identify Distractions

Children need technology to learn, but sometimes it can be used for something else.  If they are constantly checking their favorite social network, you can block it and use it for breaks only. Cell phones and other gadgets should be turned off when it’s study time.

If your children are not doing well in school, you are not alone. Remember that The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay has great programs that will help them develop their abilities.

So next time you are looking for tutors in Tampa Bay, think about us!


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