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The saying goes, “For every leader, there is a follower.” The stronger, bolder child who is the natural leader has always existed, but now experts say western society has paved the way for the rise of Alpha personalities from a young age. Is your child an Alpha? We would like to share some facts about the Alpha child.

What is an Alpha Child?

The Alpha child is generally not malicious but is often mistaken for a bully. He is simply the more dominant personality, often exhibiting behaviour normally associated with adults. There is a very clear distinction between the bully and the Alpha. A bully has the intent to hurt another person, but the Alpha child is assertive and they want to be in a leadership role, however,they don’t intend to hurt anyone in doing so.

How the Alpha Child Relates

For kids to be well adjusted they have to be able to take care of themselves and others, and they also have to be taken care of. An Alpha child tends to be overly confident and feels he doesn't need to be taken care of. But he needs just as much guidance as any other child. He needs to learn humility. If he is bossy and thinks he is always right, other children will be repelled and you will end up with a very lonely and frustrated Alpha.

The Sidekick

Of course for every leader there is a follower. Being the parent of an Alpha’s sidekick presents its own sets of problems. The dynamic of those relationships that the Alpha child will hang with those quieter, less assertive kids because they tend to go along with whatever he says. Often an Alpha will reject a child who wants to be a sidekick. No parent wants their child to feel isolated and rejected, but it is part of life and we need to let them know it’s OK.

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Even though your Alpha child has a confident, strong attitude, he can sometimes fall behind in his school work and may need some after school tutoring. If you want his academic resume to stand out, give us a call at The Tutoring Center for more information (813)-991-9888.


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