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The decisions your child makes in high school about how hard to study, what classes to take, and the like will affect his or her future university and therefore career. It is only natural that you will begin to think about those decisions, perhaps well before your child is making them. As a parent, there are a few things you can do to further help your child begin building his or her academic resume.The Tutoring Center in Tampa Bay would like to remind you of the aspects colleges and universities will be looking for when it comes to college admissions and ways you can encourage your child to work toward these throughout his or her education.

 A great place to start, outside of the walls of academia, is with community service and volunteer opportunities within your community or abroad. If your child is given the opportunity to serve in an area like this, and has interest, then allow it. Your child may be able to become a leader in this community, getting others involved. Not only does this look great on an academic resume but, perhaps more importantly, it can teach lessons in compassion and hard work. 

If your child is interested in some artistic measure, allow him or her to make time for artistic pursuits. Do not think that only academics will be important in university. Your child’s artistic abilities will be taken into consideration. Whether inside or outside of school, consider seeing if your child is interested in any of these: 
painting or other visual arts

Next, you may consider seeing if your child is interested in learning a new language. Not only does learning a new language benefit your child academically and socially, it is also a great opportunity to make their academic resume stand out. 

If your child has become interested in a leadership role within the school or otherwise, this is an excellent step. Your child may consider working with student government, their school newspaper, or some other school organization. 

The last important aspect to remember concerning an academic resume is that universities will not just be looking for good grades. What singles out certain students over others is consistently good grades in difficult classes. If your child has the opportunity to take an easier mathematics class and relax a bit from taking calculus for example, remember that the grade in applied math is not going to be taken with the same weight as that of calculus. Reading more about motivating your child to enjoy math is a great place to start if you want to see continued excellence in this subject. 

Keep these suggestions in mind and work toward these goals with your child. Find out what he or she is most interested in and work from there. You may find that your child is in need of academic assistance in a subject area. The professional tutoring staff of The Tutoring Center is here to help. For tutoring in Tampa Bay, be sure to contact us at (813) 991-9888.


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