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Begin with a Book

Engage your child with theme activities revolving around a recently read book. For help choosing the “right” book, checkout the site,, with your child. "Start with a Book" is a website with a ton of ideas to get your child hooked on reading. They even offer a “theme library” to help select books your child will love. Don’t forget to look at non-fiction book options. Acting out the life of Abraham Lincoln or Marie Curie is sure to be an educational delight.

No Limits

You may put together as many activities as you want, but they must be in keeping with the book theme. If you run out of ideas, just read another book with your child and the book theme party can begin again!

Get Crafty

Let your child, paint or draw anything relating to your theme book. Encourage your child to paint a series of paintings related to the book or illustrate their own version. When your little Picasso is done, go over their drawings. Children want nothing more than to have you involved and interested.

Build It

Help your child to build a scene or location from their book. Any medium will do, from legos to possible sticks. Or suggest they build a board game centered around their them book. Promise your child the whole family will play once the masterful game is done! And be sure to follow through with a book game night!


Recipes are a great way to capture the feel of a book. Help your literary chef to create gourmet delights based on the time period or place of the book they read. After, enjoy the tasty treats with friends and family while your young reader gives a short explanation of what morsel they made and how this food relates to the story they read.  

Play the Part

Your child will have a great time dressing-up as his/her favorite character from the theme book. Be sure your child has a well stocked dress-up box for plenty of options. And encourage your child to have an impromptu theater session, acting out his/her favorite book scenes. Creating summer book themed activities will help your child advance his/her love of reading and encourage your child's creative side. For additional help with reading skills, contact The Tutoring Center in Tampa at 813-991-9888. The Tutoring Center in Tampa offers the best tutoring in the city with One-to-One Instruction and enrichment programs like "Geniuses in Training". Encouraging your child to read and getting help from The Tutoring Center in Tampa will prepare your child for an excellent academic year ahead!


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