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Prepare for College Applications This Summer

If your child is in high school, college may be starting to become more of a reality for them. To help them get into their dream school, start preparing early. In fact, why not use the summer months to make college preparations?

Study for Entrance...


How Your Child May Benefit from Summer Tutoring

After a long school year packed full of all kinds of activities, it's understandable that students want to take a break from anything academic. However, it's best for students to stay academically active during summer break. They don't have to...

How You Can Help Your Child Finish the Year at Their Best

As the school year comes to a close, encourage your child to finish at their best. Instead of slacking off and focusing on summer break, help your child focus on the work they still need to complete.

Make a Study Schedule

The end of the...

Can Your Child Benefit from Tutoring?

Most people associate tutoring with studying and getting higher grades, but there is more to it than that. Just about every student can benefit from tutoring because of the many skills it offers. Get to know some of the lesser known benefits of after school...

Tips to Help Your Child Complete Their Homework

If your child often struggles to get their homework done, use these tips to keep them motivated and moving forward.

Let the Children Do the Work

The number one thing all parents need to remember is that the student should be the ones doing the work....

Help Your Child Get Organized

If your child has a hard time keeping up with assignments because they lack a few organizational skills, this post has some suggestions that can help.

Set Realistic Goals

Help your child set long term and short term goals each school year and even every quarter or...

Increase Your Child's Ability to Focus

If you've noticed that your child has a hard time staying focused on homework or while completing other activities, these tips can help increase their attention span.

Incorporate Physical Activity

Some students struggle to focus on tasks and school...

The Benefits of Math Tutoring

If your child shows signs of struggle when it comes to math, they can benefit from a math tutoring program. Not only will they improve their abilities in the subject, but they will also develop a better attitude when it comes to school.

Personalized Learning


Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Note Taking Skills

Your child's class notes are a great tool when it comes to revising for a class. To ensure they take the most effective notes, follow these tips.

Learn to Identify Important Information

One of the most important rules in note taking is only...

Test Taking Strategies to Help Your Child Ace Their Next Exam

Help your child prepare for an important exam by helping them develop useful test taking strategies with these tips.

Have a Positive Attitude

It's important to always maintain a positive attitude before and during an exam. Not only...


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