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Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

Asking questions is an essential skill all students must learn. Although most students don't struggle to come up with great questions, they do struggle to ask them. To encourage your child to ask more questions, use these tips.

Welcome Questions at Home


Identify Your Child's Distractors

Learning distractions have been around for as long as there have been students. While it's not uncommon for students to get distracted or procrastinate while studying, this doesn't mean it should be ignored. In fact, distractors are a huge time waster your child...

Qualities Your Child's Tutor Should Posses

Tutoring is a great option for all students no matter what their grades look like. Students who are struggling in class can use tutoring to keep up while those who are excelling and are a bit bored can practice more challenging material during tutoring...

Develop a Sleep Routine With Your Child

A healthy sleep routine is an essential part of any healthy person's life. For students, getting the right amount of sleep can make a huge difference in class. To help your child develop healthy sleeping habits early on, use these tips.

It Takes Time


Help Your Child Develop a Positive Relationship With Math

Math can be a tricky subject for many students, but this doesn't mean they should just give up on it. In fact, there are many reasons why students should be encouraged to develop a positive relationship with math. Beyond just having to use...

Encourage Your Child to Read During School Breaks

As we get closer to winter break, your child may be looking forward to a couple of weeks away from school. While they do deserve some rest from their academic routine, it's important that they keep their mind sharp. To help them do so, encourage...

How to Help Your Child Develop Academic Confidence

Many students, especially those who struggle in the classroom, can have a hard time believing in their abilities. Unfortunately, this can cause a bigger dip in their progress. To help your child develop academic confidence, use these tips.



Healthy School Habits to Encourage This School Year

To help your child have the best school year possible, encourage them to develop healthy habits. Not only will these help in school, they can be beneficial in other areas of their life.

Stay Positive

Staying positive may sound easier than it...

Prepare for College Applications This Summer

If your child is in high school, college may be starting to become more of a reality for them. To help them get into their dream school, start preparing early. In fact, why not use the summer months to make college preparations?

Study for Entrance...


How Your Child May Benefit from Summer Tutoring

After a long school year packed full of all kinds of activities, it's understandable that students want to take a break from anything academic. However, it's best for students to stay academically active during summer break. They don't have to...


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