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Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Your student may be eagerly awaiting their summer break while imagining how much time they're going to spend playing video games. Instead of letting this be the only thing they do this break, use these tips to fight back against the summer slide and keep your...

Tips for a Great Class Presentation

Class presentations aren't exactly a popular assignment with students. Since they require public speaking, most students actually dread them. To help your child prepare a great presentation and get used to the idea of public speaking, teach them these tips.



SAT Prep Tips for High School Students

If your child is getting ready to take the SAT soon, preparation is a must! No matter what your child's ideal score is, studying and getting to know the exam will help them get there. Check out these quick tips to help your child be better prepared for...

Helpful Time Management Tips

If your child has been struggling more and more with their academic workload, help them balance it all out by teaching them some effective time management tips. To get started, check out these tips from The Tutoring Center, Tampa FL.

Use a Planner

If your child...

Tips to Help Your Child Cut Down on Their Screen Time

With the number of screens students are surrounded by, it's no wonder they spend countless hours absorbed by them. While this may seem like the norm, it can actually have negative consequences. To help your child put down the screen and use...

Motivate an Uninspired Student

As an adult, it's easy to regard school as something easy, but your child may not see it the same way. Because of this, it's easy for students to lose motivation and just give up. If your child seems to be heading towards this, use these tips to get them motivated...

Keep Your Child's Mind Active This Winter Break

As winter break approaches, students all over the country are preparing to sleep in and play video games all day. Although winter break is meant to give your child a break from their routine, keeping their mind engaged during this period is still...

Make History Fun

History can be a tough subject for many students. It's easy to get lost between all the dates, the names of historical figures, and the constantly changing country names and boundaries. If your child is struggling with their history lessons, use these tips to make them more fun...

School Habits That Lead to Success

For some reason, bad habits are easier to develop than good habits. For students, these bad habits can mean academic setbacks. Help your child do their absolute best in school by replacing those bad habits with some better ones.

Overcome Procrastination


Helpful Homework Tips

Most students don't exactly look forward to completing homework, so it makes sense that getting them to do it and stay focused as they do it can be a struggle. If this is a daily struggle in your home, check out these homework tips.

Keep an Agenda

Give your child an agenda...


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